Mrs. N Amelya

Ahlia - Noe Amelya

NOE AMELYA is a dream come true, an inspirational young girl’s dream to bring style & elegance to the world. Her journey from traditional Indonesian fashion to the chic style of International fashion houses. Designing clothes since childhood, now she established her business in the field of fashion by building her own brand. In 2007 the business began by selling elegant scarves & jackets.

In 2014 she moved to England – UK, to start developing her international fashion business. A fashion business whose inspiration come from simple and elegant designs with bright and dark base of colors that symbolizes the softness and firmness of NOE AMELYA itself. NOE AMELYA is able to help create a classy and chic look for everyone, and it gives the confidence and happiness to the wearer.

If you have a dream, pursue it, cultivate and do it, believe that all will be achieved

Love the process, because there is no result without it